‘A Bear and a Robot: Artificial Imagination’ is the second book about Vinny & Frens. Earlier this month, the book ‘Vinny & Frens’ was published, and it based on the public domain 1926 book, ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’.

About the Book: Follow Vinny and his blockchain-obsessed frens as they go on adventures through Metaverse City and through spacetime with the help of their Magical Mystery Metaverse Portal. 46 short and entertaining chapters take the reader through:

  • The lore that establishes who Vinny & Frens are and where they are from.

  • The importance of frenships and working together.

  • All sorts of Blockchain escapades in Metaverse City.

  • The frens go on surprising adventures to the age of dinosaurs, learning the ‘secrets’ of the pyramids, visiting notable places in modern day earth and even learning how to meditate.

  • The frens meet many notable people like Albert Einstein, Frida Kahlo, Elon Musk, Banksy, Sherlock Holmes, even Satoshi Nakamoto!

You can find the book on Amazon Here